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Elite body

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Specially and carefully designed from the best techniques found in popular massage styles such as Swedish and Hawaiian lomilomi along with carefully modified techniques that our therapist formulated based on our clients response to the massage. With some strained areas given more attention or some rigorous techniques taken down a notch, all adjusted to achieve better result

1 hour & 30 minutes 1100

The term Swedish Massage refers to a collection of techniques designed primarily to relax muscles by applying long strokes and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. Swedish massage uses five main strokes to stimulate the circulation of blood through the body: petrissage (keading), effleurage (stoking), friction tapotement (tapping) and vibration.

1 hour 490

A massage given to young infants involving tactile and kinesthetic stroke and rubbing stimulation as a therapy to enhance their cognitive and physical development

30 minutes 300

Cupping therapy is performed by placing glass on specific accupoints on your back. A technique is used to create vacuum inside the glass placed on your back which lifts the skin. The practitioner then moves the cup toward the outside parts of the body sucking the air way. It helps alleviate pain, removes toxins, and allows the body to feel rested after the session.

1 hour 790

A traditional healing technique from the Philippines that also includes massage techniques. The massage techniques relax stressed muscle. Hilot also includes joint manipulations to help relax stressed muscle.

1 hour 690

A massage technique focusing on the head, neck and face that is believed to balance the chakras.

30 minutes 300

This full body oil massage uses combination of techniques and soothed tired, strained muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

1 hour 590

Focusing on the back, neck and shoulders, this massage uses Swedish techniques to relieve stress and tension. The perfect treatment for those who are high on stress.

30 minutes 390

An ear candle is a lighted, hollow candle made from fabric which draws out excessive earwax and minor impurities.


  • Relieves tinnutis (ringing in the ear)
  • Helps relieve sinus pains and pressure
  • Removes excess wax build up
  • Relieves migraine and headache
  • Improves colour perception
  • Improves sense of taste
  • Reduces blood pressure


A form of massage therapy that uses specialized stones called Basalt Stones. These stones hold heat, helping to create a deep tissue massage to work tight, knotted muscle and release tension.


  • Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
  • Improves circulation
  • Releases toxins
  • Relieves pain
  • Alleviate stress

1 hour 890

Other Body Treats

Pressured is applied at points that correspond to various body parts with the intention of eliminating breakages thought to produce pain or disease. The goal is to bring the body into balance.

1/2 hour 200 | 1 hour 390

Invigorates tired, aching and sore feet leaving your feet fresh and tingling and you will feel better all over

1/2 hour 250 | 1 hour 490

Body PartsFemaleMale
Upper Lip190210
Half Leg490590
Full Leg690850
Bikini Line430
French Cut500
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Laser Hair Removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S. It beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment follicles absorb the light that destroys the hair.

  • Removing Unwanted Hair
  • Permanent Hair Removal
  • Painlessly
  • Permanent Result


A Paraffin wax heat therapy can help increase blood flow, relax muscles, and decrease joint stiffness. Paraffin wax can also minimize muscle spasms and inflammation as well as treat sprains.


  • Softening
  • Moisturizing
  • Relaxing
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Relieves Stiffness

Whitening Hand Paraffin with Manicure 400

Purifying Foot Paraffin 450

Kiddie Manicure 100

Kiddie Pedicure 100

Kiddie Hand Spa 250

Kiddie Foot Spa 290

Kiddie Hand Massage 150

Kiddie Foot Massage 150


Drench your skin with this ultra hydrating body treat that will counteract the skin ‘s lack of elasticity, while hydrating and firming, to combat sign of premature aging. Fine lines are reduced and the skin is renewed with vitality after luxurious indulgence.



Is indulgent collection of treatment product to leave your body soft and renewed while the invigorating scent of fresh bamboo definitely soothes your senses. Makes your skins more refreshing and relax



A treatment that will brighten your skin. Ultimate body treat for those who are seeking silky-smooth skin and luminous skin. A urious 90-minute papaya pineapple body polish that will surely stimulate senses. The papaya’s active enzymes penetrates the skin to give you perfect glow, and the coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes.



A powerful antioxidant that’s made in the body skin for anti-aging, stress and lighten skin. It helps your skin more power white, glow and smooth and remove dead skin. It nourishes new skin. The invigorating scrub will soften the skin, leaving the surface smooth and polished white.

Eliminates the free radicals that damage the skin


Body PartsPrice
Inner thigh490
Half Leg590
Full Leg690


facial treatments

Complete Procedure of facial is a safe and effective method which takes out dirt and dead skin. It employs the use of special diamond-tipped hand piece which is run over by a dermatologist over the surface of skin to vacuum away whiteheads, blackheads, dirt and dead skin.

Inclusion Treatments

  • Cleansing
  • Scrub
  • Mask
  • Pricking
  • Toner
  • Diamond Peel
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Eyebags Removal
  • Collagen Cream


Galvanic Spa has self-adjusting currents that drive the anti-aging skin and pulls out impurities, much like magnets repel or attract each other. The Galvanic spa has been proven in anti-aging clinical studies to make any skin care regime 70% more effective.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation is a laser cosmetic procedure designed to produce a clear, healthy and beautiful complexion. There are variety of specific skin issues that can be solved using IPL, from certain types of conditions, to blemishes, wrinkles, the effects of ageing, melasma, dark spot and more. The technology, and the benefits IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology. This light helps to spur on the production of collagen, which will help to fill in lines and wrinkles or shallow scarring, to have a healthy and glow skin.

Vampire Facial Microneedling increases the production of collagen and other healing factors by causing trauma to the skin. Collagen is an essential protein that helps keep the skin looking youthful, with a firm, smooth, and stretchy texture. Aging causes the decline of collagen in the skin, contributing to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Skin can also lose collagen due to injuries, such as acne scarring, stretch marks, or other scars. It is important to realize that microneedling is not a quick fix, as it involves the growth of new skin. It can take several months for a person to see the full results of the procedure.


BB-Glow Mesotherapy is a great treatment for skin suing Nano needling Infuce VITAMIN SERUM & STEAMCELL SERUM with Nutrient-rich Tinted BB cream, the treatment is not only great at covering up your facial skin flaws, it will also hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of under-eye dark circles, and reduce blackhead and clogged pores. ONE of the latest anti-aging beauty innovation technologies. Effective skin brightening, Wrinkle improvement, reduce skin-discoloration, instant and gradual lightening, promotes scar-less healing and natural Collagen Reproduction, minimizing open pores, Hyperpigmentation, Post acne scars, Age spots and sun spots, Early Aging and lax skin, freckles, and dull uneven skin texture.


Types of Warts:

  • Common Wart
  • Filiform Wart
  • Flat Wart
  • Periungual Wart
  • Mossaic Wart
  • Oral Wart

From 200~

Eyelash and

eyebrow grooming services

8mm | 9mm | 10mm | 11mm | 12mm | 14mm | 15mm

C | J | D | DD | J

50/50 Strands Lash550
Cat Eye Lash950
Unlimited Lash950
Glam Lash990

*Note: In case fall-OFF happen within 3 days after service, we will make a retouch at no extra cost.

Remove unwanted hair the natural way!

Eyebrow Cleaning170200
Eyebrow Shaping300~
Upper Lip170200
Lower Lip170200


nail services

Orly Gel Manicure 610
Orly Gel Pedicure 630
Orly Gel Removal 200
Nail Extension ₱2,110
Nail Extension Removal ₱400

Types of ServicePrice
Orly Gel Basic Design300
Orly Gel Glamour Design450
Orly Gel Elite Design600
Types of ServicePrice
Small10 each
Medium20 each
Large30 each
Types of ServicePrice
Small20 each
Medium30 each
Large50 each

Basic Design200
Glamour Design300
Elite Design400

30-100 each

Small20 each
Medium30 each
Large50 each

Small 100 each

Big 150 each

The Elite Spa Manicure & Pedicure Experience

Classic Spa Manicure 350
Soaking + Massage + Moisturizer + Manicure

A nourish soak, maintenance of nails and cuticles with a muscle relieving massage of hands

Classic Spa Pedicure 450
Soaking + Callous + Removing + Massage + Moisturizer + Pedicure

An imvigorating soak along with complete nail and cuticle maintenance. Hydrating massage of the feet and legs.


China Glaze | L.A. Colors 40

Morgan Taylor | Misa | Orly 50

Ruby Wing | Zoya | OPI 60

Sally Hansen 100

For an ultimate whitening and softening skin benefit, pamper yourself with this specialty manicure and hand treatment using Vitamin C packed exfoliants. Your hand will be treated in a citrus soak, nail shaped, cuticle trimmed massaged with vitamin therapy hand treatment cream, including lightening ingredients and finished off with the polish of your choice. 390

Awaken your sense in a whole new way. This premium hand treatment salt can stimulate, detoxify and regenerate your tired hands. Especially created to reduce calluses and banish dry, rough skin while the aroma awakens your senses. 370

For an ultimate whitening and softening skin benefit our specially formulated scrub and masque will rid the skin impurities. The result is whiter, more radiant skin that smell fresh pineapple scent. 550

This pedicure will beautify and Rejuvenate tired feet. We recommend this ultra hydrating rejuvenating collagen foot treatment which includes facial quality anti-aging actives to restore youthful glow and radiance of your skin. 490

Awaken your senses in a whole new way. This premium feet treatmentsalt can stimulate, detoxify and regenerate your tired feet. Especially created to reduce calluses and banish dry, rough skin while the aroma awakens your senses. 490

Put the spring back in your step! It’s time to cool, energize and invigorate those tired hand with the power of mint and cooling effect, perfect for the tired hands. 450

Enjoy the natural healing qualities of ginger. This antioxidant-rich treatment focuses on skin renewal and protection from free radical and premature aging “FEEL THE HEALING”. 370

Minimize fine lines, increase elasticity and lighten aging pigment on back of hands. Hydrating and soothing massage, followed with beautiful polish application. Restore your vibrant and youthful skin tone with this premium treatment. 390

Begin your descent into relaxation with an application of lavender essential oil long used for its relaxing aromatherapy. A lavender scrub will buff your hands and a hand nourishing warm masque wrap with stress relief treatment oil will nourish and soothe your skin. Relax in the lavender field experience. 370

A relaxing scent of fresh bamboo scent essential oils invite your feet on a soothing journey of total relaxation. We exfoliate your soles and relax your tired feet. 490

Handspa 450
The rich aroma Italian Mandarin citrus essential oil gently and effectively exfoliating with natural sugar cane crystals. The after-treatment reveals a smoother, softer, and younger looking skin.

Footspa 570

An infusion of Lavender and mint essential oils invite your feet on refreshing with calm journey of total relaxations. To soothing and remove dead skin. 490

The ultimate in pedicure, this luxurious dead sea-inspired facial or the feet features an intensive exfoliation using dead see salt. A luxurious euca, orange icy mint dead sea mud foot masque is applied to nourish the feet followed by a pampering foot and lower leg massage. 490